People who need help finding the best car maintenance workshop nearby in Singapore for their vehicle repairs now have help. There is a website called Fixir that acts as a kind of clearing house for car workshops singapore locations. This website sources many reliable car workshops and then matches them with members who need repairs. A member can get their car fixed at a dependable place at the most reasonable price. The website provides its members with car repair shop contacts that have been vetted for honesty and dependability. Then, a person can compare quotes and choose the one that is best for them.

How This Service Works

People are required to sign on as members to get quotes for car repairs. Members create their accounts via the Fixir sign up form online. A person can also sign up through Facebook. Being a member on this website has several benefits which include seeing if people one knows have used the same car workshop, get reminders for car appointments, and useful tips on do-it-yourself car maintenance. There is information to help members be smarter consumers in the automotive industry. After signing up with the website, members download the mobile application for car needs. This site should not be confused with a car workshop since they are an independent company that has the purpose of helping members make better-informed decisions on where to take their vehicles for repair.

This site has a comprehensive quality checklist that must be completed for each car workshop to determine if they qualify to be on Fixir. Every car workshop owner is interviewed and each has to submit to a background check. Further vetting is done to make sure all the shop’s mechanics are currently certified. In addition, member reviews are sought for workshops on the site and for ones that Fixir should consider adding to their list. This website helps members find car workshops nearby.

Getting Quotes

To get quotes, members submit the quote request on the website or the app. A list of reliable workshops will come in three working hours. Quotes can be requested from mobiles, iPhones, or Androids. After a quote request is received, and the member clicks on “Get Quotes”, they will be redirected to the page with a series of important questions. The answers will help car shops give the most accurate quotes. Some questions include car plate numbers, the brand of car, the model year, and the type of services or repairs the member needs. When the information has been provided a quote will come within three hours. For more information, please go to the website.